Thank you for all the consideration

" I just wanted to send a letter commending your great service over the past two weeks. Especially to the driver named Robin. Robin has provided tremendous support in getting us home safe. Robin in car 33 has shared his life story with my friends and I, and we have understood why he is a cab driver. Since his brother passed away from a drunk driver, we have grown great appreciation for him and whenever we are in need of a driver, Robin is always there. He plays music and is an enjoyable man to be around. The cab service you have provided is a great help and I want to thank you again for this. " " I would recommend your cab company to anyone in need of one. Thank you again for all the consideration and what all your drivers put up with, with all the university students. The environment given by passengers is comforting and welcoming, they let us play music and makes our ride home exhilarating and brings the party into the cab. "

Keeland - 29/03/2012


" About three weeks ago, some friends and I were going back to the university campus from a late night. We found out that we were too late for the bus, so when we tried calling a cab, we couldn’t reach one. I saw a cab coming up and flagged him down to the side of the road, he told us that he had somewhere else to go, but was going to call in that we needed a cab. " " I was impressed when the taxi came shortly after the other called. Robyn from taxi #33 was a very accommodating cab driver; he was friendly and polite. He was very dedicated to his job and seemed to love it, which made the ride much more enjoyable. I would like to say thank you for the great service my friends and I got from your cab company. "

Jerrit - 29/03/2012

Great Service

" Thank you all for the great service you gave me this past year. "

Ron - 29/02/2012

Some of the best people

" To all the staff and all the cab drivers – some of the best people I know – have a Merry Christmas and take it easy out there. "

Elsie - 29/03/2012

Thank you so much

" Thank you so much for the excellent service and care you gave to Allen on Sunday. We are appreciative – he really did want to attend his grandson’s birthday and it did not take long for him to improve. "

Sven - 29/03/2012

Going out of your way

" Thanks for everything and also for going out of your way for me. "

Alio - 29/03/2012


" Thanks for all the kindness! "

Diane - 29/03/2012

Everyone is special

" Thank you everyone for being there and keep up all the good work. Everyone is so special. "

Rosemarie - 29/03/2012

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