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With a history of unparalleled customer service that all started back in 1988, Checkmate Cabs is a family owned cab company with a growing staff of experienced, professional drivers. We have loyally served Kelowna and its surrounding areas with an unheard of level of comfort and customer service for more than 30 years. As a business, we can proudly state we have stood the test of time proving us as an industry leader in our community. In fact, we have become so well acquainted with our clientele that we often are on a first name basis.

Located in the tourist-driven Okanagan Valley, we have the second largest fleet in the city boasting that 80% of them are hybrid vehicles in order to lessen our company’s carbon footprint. You can feel safe using our app or calling in your trip knowing our state of the art dispatch system is linked to powerful servers enabled with a GPS tracking system to ensure your address will be found. From skiing and skating to wine tours, world class golf, museums, restaurants, shopping, and more, count on Checkmate Cabs Ltd. to get you to and from your destination safely, reliably, and quickly. Whether you are a customer or an employee, we'll be there for you and your needs. Contact us today for a ride!

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